Cooking Garlic? Crush It First

Feb. 16, 2007 — Got a formula that includes cooking garlic? You might want to smash the garlic first.

Which will be the most ideal to way preserve the herb’s healthy compounds amid cooking, a new consider appears.

Garlic contains compounds shown to help avoid blood clots. But most garlic studies have tested crude garlic, and cooking can damage those anticlotting compounds.

Crushing garlic may help anticipate that damage, report the researchers, who incorporate Claudio Galmarini, PhD, of the agrarian sciences faculty at Argentina’s Universidad Nacional de Cuyo.

Galmarini’s team found that garlic cooked three minutes in bubbling water or in an stove at almost 400 degrees Fahrenheit has the same sum of the anticlotting compounds as crude garlic.

But cooking uncrushed garlic for six minutes “completely stifled” those compounds’ anticlotting effects, the researchers type in.

Galmarini’s group then attempted smashing the garlic by putting it through a garlic press some time recently cooking.

That helped protect the compounds, in spite of the fact that they still lost much of their anticlotting impacts after three to six minutes.

The ponder shows up in the Journal of Agricultural and Nourishment Chemistry.

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